This patient presented to our practice after surgical removal of a tumor in the left side of his lower jaw. Because of the large size of the tumor, many teeth were sacrificed during the surgery. After reconstruction of the jaw bone with bone grafts, 3 dental implants were placed. A permanent, 4-tooth dental implant bridge was designed to replace the missing teeth which allowed the patient to chew and properly function again.

Dental implants placed into grafted bone is a very successful treatment for missing teeth. Research shows success rates above 90%, 10 years after placement of the implants. Studies also show that there is a significant increase in quality-of-life with dental implant reconstructions. Patients’ can more effectively chew, taste and feel the foods that they enjoy when compared to the limited function of removable dentures.

The bridge shown above is fixed in-place to the implants below the gum tissue. This implant bridge cannot be removed by the patient. A Prosthodontist with expertise in designing these types of restorations can remove the bridge. Since this bridge is different from natural teeth, the patient was instructed on how to properly clean underneath the bridge and around the implants. Routine, 6-month exams and cleanings are recommended to evaluate the implants and the implant bridge. Overall, a very good prognosis is predicted for this treatment.

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