Affordable Dental Care in Los Angeles is in high demand, and for patients that can’t afford quality dental care, dental tourism is often considered. Dental tourism is driven mainly by economic factors, specifically the initially lower cost for dental procedures and treatments abroad compared to the cost of dentistry in the United States. Dental Tourism from the US and Canada typically has destinations in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and Peru. Since there are always risks involved, understanding your options for finding affordable dental care in Los Angeles and in the US in general is very important.

Dental Care Cost – Dental Tourism vs. Quality Procedures in the US

The easiest comparison between dental care abroad and dental care in the US is the advertised cost of the procedure. Initial cost savings range from 20% to 50%. Without being able to compare the quality of the dental treatment offered or the quality of materials used, a dental patient may find this initial cost savings very appealing. Of course travel cost, lodging and the cost for multiple trips to complete the procedures must be added, but are often overlooked. So what are your options?

Dental Insurance – an option to dental tourism

The most obvious way to lower your out-of pocket cost for dental treatments is a dental insurance plan. More and more employers are adding dental insurance for their employees. Additionally, business owners and self-employed individuals are frequently adding a dental plan to their medical coverage. So a good recommendation before considering Dental Tourism is to call your local dentist and find out how much of your dental procedure will be covered. Our friendly office staff is always available to help you understand your coverage. Simply give us a call or contact us online

Dental Treatment Financing – an option to dental tourism

Using credit to pay for dental treatments is a very common option. Considering that a quality dental treatment has a longer life expectancy over a cheaper alternative, paying for a quality dental procedure over time makes sense.

Your options include using a credit card, setting up a health care credit account such as Care Credit, or arranging a payment plan. Our practice will help you select the best option for you. Call our receptionist, and we will schedule your appointment.

To find out if there is any out-of pocket cost for the dental treatment you need, call Geach Dental and schedule your appointment.

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