Front tooth injuries due to trauma can be emotionally distressing and profoundly impact one's appearance and self-esteem. This article will explore such an injury's aesthetic and emotional significance and describe a real-life case illustrating how functionality and aesthetics can be restored. 

This case study provides a glimpse into the intricate procedures and expert care that go into rectifying such dental issues, offering an insight into the transformative power of prosthodontics and implant dentistry.


Case Study: Restoring Function and Appearance

This patient experienced a traumatic injury to the 2 front, left teeth (Figure 1). You can see the difference in height of the gum tissue between the front teeth.


There is also a pinkish discoloration (see arrow) which shows that this tooth has had a history of trauma. The X-ray below shows the pink defect in black. These teeth are very weak and could easily break from the force of biting (Figure 2).

Due to the large defects and weak roots, these teeth are non-restorable. These teeth were extracted and 2 dental implants were placed (Figure 3). Temporary crowns were immediately placed into these implants to begin contouring the gum tissue to match the adjacent teeth. See (Figure 4) below.


After healing, a veneer was prepared for the other front tooth and a final impression was made of the 2 implants (Figure 5). A picture of the final impression is shown in (Figure 6).


A cast was made from the impression to design the abutments and ceramic crowns for the dental implants. (Figures 7 and 8). All of our restorations are planned and designed by myself and our in-office dental laboratory technician. This close relationship allows us to communicate about the fine details to achieve an optimal functional and aesthetic result.

The final restorations are shown in (Figure 9). We were able to achieve a natural result and symmetric gum contour across the front teeth.


Cases involving trauma to the front teeth are complicated and careful planning is essential. Prosthodontists are experts in tooth replacement and are uniquely trained to handle these difficult cases. 

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