Aging can be a beautiful thing—your body starts to reflect the wealth of experience you’ve gained over the years. However, there are some parts of getting older that you may not be thrilled about.

Maybe you’ve started to notice your oral health change over the years, and you’d like to get a more youthful smile.  Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry can do that for you! Here’s how your dentist can help you look younger.

Teeth Whitening

As people age, it’s common for them to start to see their smile become a little more yellow. This is due to a gradual thinning of enamel that happens naturally over time, which exposes the darker layers of the tooth underneath. This is compounded by any stains that have accumulated on the surface of your tooth.

While professional teeth whitening can’t replace your enamel, it can melt away any surface stains you have, taking years off of your smile.

Direct Bonding

After years of use, it’s common for people’s teeth to have collected a few chips and cracks. In some cases, these tiny imperfections can completely change the look of your smile.

Direct bonding involves your dentist layering a composite resin onto your teeth and using a specialized light to cure it into place. If you’ve had a dental filling recently, the process is fairly similar. While this may sound simple, well-done direct bonding can completely erase all kinds of problem areas that may be on your teeth.


If you really want to transform your smile, veneers are hard to beat. Your dentist can layer a series of thin porcelain shells onto your teeth, completely changing the apparent shape and size of your teeth. You can also pick the color of your veneers, which means that you can deal with the discoloration that comes with age even more effectively than you can with teeth whitening.

No matter what bothers you about your smile, your dentist has a cosmetic dental procedure that can help you turn back the clock!

About the Author

Dr. Adam Geach is a prosthodontist who understands that his work goes beyond just clinical expertise. That’s why he makes sure that he spends plenty of one-on-one time with his patients, and tailors every single treatment to their individual needs. Dr. Geach received his doctorate from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and then completed his certificate in prosthodontics from the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine.

If you have any questions about cosmetic dentistry, he can be reached at his website or by phone at (213) 810-3368.

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