According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, about 3 million Americans have received a dental implant. As this number rapidly grows, the dental industry continues to develop ways to make the procedure easier for dentists and more comfortable for patients. From 3D imaging to minimally invasive surgery, patients are enjoying a restored smile faster than ever. In this post, you’ll learn how technology has improved the process of dental implants in downtown Los Angeles.

Advances in Implant Technology

Improved dental technology helps save you stress, time and money as you achieve a natural-looking smile with implants.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras can help both the patient and the dentist better prepare for the implant procedure. Roughly the size of a pen, these cameras transmit images to a nearby computer or TV screen. This technology allows patients to see where their implants will be placed and better understand the procedure. Dentists are able to document the patient’s mouth to plan the procedure more effectively, allowing a more precise surgery.

3D Imaging

Extremely precise 3D imaging has improved surgical planning software. This allows your dentist to digitally analyze the anatomy of your jaw and determine the best sites to place your implant before your surgery. With increased precision, your dentist can complete the surgery faster and with an even higher chance of success.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Patients are often told that they need extensive bone grafting or tissue manipulation to place their implants. However, with improved tools, minimally invasive implant surgery is possible. Your dentist in downtown Los Angeles can use micro-surgical tools to create the smallest cut possible and precisely align your implant. Additional incisions or stitches are seldom necessary, reducing both your discomfort and healing time.

Improved Anesthetics

Depending on how many implants are being placed, you may only need a local anesthetic. This ensures that you feel no pain during the procedure but also allows you to recover quickly. Anesthesiologists are continually developing ways to reduce injection discomfort and shorten the effects of local anesthetics, so you won’t be left feeling numb the next day.

An upcoming surgery can be stressful, but with the latest technological advancements, your implant placement can be a breeze. Talk with your dentist about your procedure options to see how you can restore you smile in the most comfortable way possible.

About the Author

Dr. Adam Geach is a prosthodontic specialist who trained extensively in dental implants. At Geach Dental, he has an in-house laboratory to design your implants with the highest quality materials. Dr. Geach’s expertise can be seen through his status as a diplomat for the American Board of Prosthodontics. He can be reached through his website or at 213-810-3368.

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