If you experienced a dental injury that caused your front tooth to get knocked out, you probably want the strongest and most lifelike option available. While there are various solutions, dental implants in Downtown Los Angeles restore your teeth from the roots up for the most natural replacements. Read on to learn more about how your dentist can replace your front tooth with a dental implant.

How a Front Tooth is Replaced


This patient had a history of trauma to her front, left tooth as shown in (Figure 1). You can see a large white filling that is visible on this tooth. A CT scan shows a large defect inside this tooth (Figure 2). CT scans allow us to visualize the root of the tooth in 3 dimensions and is important for the diagnosis. The large defect was likely caused by trauma and the prognosis of this tooth is poor and non-restorable. 


The Dental Implant Itself

The best long-term treatment was to extract the tooth and replace the root with a dental implant (Figure 3). A custom gold anodized, titanium abutment was made to insert into the implant after healing (Figure 4). The gold abutment can be customized to the specific soft tissue contour around the dental implant. The gold abutment is what connects the implant to the final implant crown.

Your Custom-Made Crown


The implant crown is custom designed and fabricated using a high strength ceramic material called zirconia. Selecting the proper shade and incorporating the natural characteristics of the surrounding teeth into the final implant crown is critical for a natural appearing result. Digital images of the surrounding teeth are sent to our in-office laboratory technician to capture these natural characteristics (Figure 5).

Benefits of Advanced Technology

Having an in-office laboratory technician on site is a game-changer. Small details such as the contour, shade and texture of the tooth can be modified with the technician in the office. Normally, if modifications needed to be made, the patient would need to be sent home and the restoration sent back to the lab to then try and guess the correct contour and shade.

We treat complex esthetic, implant and reconstructive cases every day. These cases require extensive planning and detail. Achieve a great result for your smile!

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