All-on-4 treatment cost

When considering an All-on-4 treatment as your tooth replacement option, one commonly asked question is: How much will my All-on-4 treatment cost?

To answer your question accurately, All-on-4 treatments start with a thorough evaluation by an All-on-4 specialist, such as a Prosthodontist. A comprehensive patient consultation is required before planning your treatment. Each treatment is customized to the patient and the cost varies depending on the number of implants needed and the type of material that is selected for the final implant bridge.

All-on-4 treatment benefits

  • Reduces overall treatment time
  • Reduces overall cost when compared to placement of many individual implants
  • Reduces the need for bone grafting, in many cases

All-on-4 treatments have three distinct phases

Phase I: All-on-4 Implant Treatment Planning

The first phase of any dental implant treatment, and especially of the advanced All-on-4 procedure requires a thorough evaluation of your overall health, dental health and jaw bone structure. Impressions and models are used to determine the correct position of your new set of teeth before treatment begins. These models act as a “blueprint” for the final restoration. Once the position of the teeth are determined, the jaw bone is evaluated and the number and location of the implants is decided. Each treatment is carefully planned and customized for optimal esthetics and function.

Phase II: All-on-4 Cost For Implant Placement & Your Temporary Bridge

The second phase focuses on the placement of the implants based on your specific treatment plan. Prior to implant placement, any non-restorable teeth in your jaws will be removed. Implants will then be placed into the planned positions using a surgical guide. You will leave the office with an immediate temporary bridge secured to the implants. This phase may cost between $10,000 to $15,000.

Phase III: All-on-4 Cost For the Permanent Implant Bridge

After a healing time of about 3 months, the third phase includes replacing the temporary bridge with your final bridge. The 3 month time period allows the implants to heal into the bone. This process is called osseointegration. The final implant bridge is custom manufactured to provide an esthetically attractive smile and optimal function similar to natural teeth. Depending on your choice, the bridge typically consists of a metal framework, which strengthens the system (before choosing your dental implant material, please read this article).

This phase may cost between $10,000 to $20,000, depending on the materials used (porcelain, zirconia or acrylic) for the final bridge.

All-on-4 Cost

To summarize, a correctly planned and performed All-on-4 procedure ranges from $20,000 to $35,000 per arch depending on the materials used for the final bridge. All-on-4 treatments typically avoid major bone grafting procedures, use less implants, and cost much less than treatments that use multiple single implants. In addition, you will leave the surgery with a fixed temporary bridge and will never experience the hassles of a removable denture.

Feel free to schedule a complementary consultation with Prosthodontic specialist Dr. Geach at any time when exploring your dental options. You can call our Geach Dental office in the Los Angeles area at 213.465.4284 to learn more on how to select the ideal option for you.

Dr. Adam Geach

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