A full-mouth reconstruction, also described as a “Smile Makeover” can drastically improve a patient’s smile and chewing function. Here is an example of a patient that was referred to our office by another dental professional who was busy with their patient load, and the needs of this patient were more complex than they wanted to take on.

The patient initially presented with many broken teeth and she complained that she was not able chew meat, fruits and vegetables. Because of this, her nutrition suffered. She felt embarrassed by the appearance of her teeth around her friends and family. Unfortunately, her remaining teeth were non-restorable and required extraction. This case was very challenging because a whole new set of teeth with a new bite would need to be designed within the frame of her smile. The goal is to provide a highly esthetic “Smile Makeover” that is comfortable and functional. The steps for this treatment are described below:

1.  Impressions were made and models of the patient’s remaining teeth were used to plan for the new set of teeth. This step requires careful evaluation of the patient’s face and smile line.

2.  X-rays and a CT scan were used to evaluate the remaining jaw bone. 4 dental implants were placed into the lower jaw because the patient preferred to have a fixed set of lower teeth rather than a denture.

3.  After 3 months of healing, a final upper denture was made. A fixed, permanent implant bridge was made to fit into the 4 implants in the lower jaw (see below).

From start to finish, the length of treatment was approximately 5 months. The patient neglected her teeth for years and wished she had started the treatment sooner. She was now able to chew fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy diet. By improving her appearance she said she felt, “confident and comfortable around her family and friends.”

If you, or if you know of someone who feels embarrassed by their teeth, contact our office and we can answer any questions that you have. Our goal is to help you smile and function with confidence!

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